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            Shaanxi Chang Da Textile Limited Company

            長達紡織快訊--Chang Da Textile News Updating
            來源: | 作者:changdatextile | 發布時間: 2019-08-28 | 3198 次瀏覽 | 分享到:


            On August 27, 2019, Wang Shanwen, deputy secretary-general of the provincial government, came to our company to supervise and investigate the stable growth and the construction of major projects. Municipal standing committee, executive vice mayor liu rongxian and municipal heads of relevant departments, county leaders liu zhisheng, ye shengqiang and heads of relevant departments participated in the activities. Zhao jianjun, vice President of Shaanxi Changda Textile co., LTD., received the reception.


            Accompanied by vice President Zhao, Wang Shanwen visited our spinning and weaving workshop and listened to our detailed production situation in the first half of 2019 and production planning in the second half of the year.

            王穩山一行了解當前在穩增長方面存在的困難和問題, 對我司在穩增長及重大項目建設中采取的措施和取得的成效表示肯定。

            Wang Wenshan and his colleagues understood the difficulties and problems existing in the current steady growth and affirmed the measures taken by our company in the steady growth and the construction of major projects and the results achieved.